Automation Project


Established in 2008, 2P Automation is active in industrial automation, programming and installation of hardware and software, maintenance, overhaul and retooling of machinery and assembly lines and industrial processing, especially in the automotive field, in Italy and in the abroad.

The operational structure consists of an industrial warehouse of about 600 square meters. of covered area for construction and assembly activities, area for assembly of assemblies, subgroups and assembly of machinery and processing and assembly lines, revision of tools and machinery, with attached administrative and technical offices.
Yard of 2000 square meters for use as parking and material handling and machinery arriving and departing.

Thanks to the skills and experience gained over time in the field of industrial automation, the 2p Automation Project is a qualified reference for the construction, installation, maintenance and assistance of industrial automation systems, recognized for their efficiency and high performance. The 2p Automation Project is aimed at companies looking for a reliable partner that, together with high quality standards, guarantees full compliance with deliveries and can represent a certainty in the panorama of sub-supplies. A single passion in the field of automation applied to respond to different markets: Study the customer’s needs to find the right solution based on the type of product. Transform an idea into a personalized project and the project into a tailored automation system. The goal is to simplify and optimize, manage and improve customer needs. It is the work we have been doing for some decades, becoming the ideal partner for our customers, who operate in the automotive sectors in different specializations. The 2p Automation Project is the ideal partner to rely on to produce technology in action in the robotics and automation sector.

Among the activities we carry out we include:

  • Feasibility studies;
  • Realization, Assembly and Installation of Mechanical Groups, Industrial Machines and Production Lines
  • Precision Mechanical Construction
  • Industrial Maintenance and Services
  • Assembled groups and machines;
  • Precision carpentry;
  • Electrical automation panels;
  • Mechanical assembly, electrical assembly
  • “On site” mechanical / plant / electrical maintenance at the customer. Assembly, installation, Map, machinery, single or complete lines.
  • Revision, modification, of groups and subgroups for machinery / plants
  • Re-equipment of machines or processing lines.
  • Preventive, scheduled maintenance, up-grading on machinery
  • Support activities W.C.M.
  • Medium light carpentry activities;
  • Mechanical / hardware / software maintenance assistance.
  • Assembly / installation of machinery and production lines, processing, component assembly, etc;
  • Transfer of machinery and production lines, processing, assembly of components, etc;
  • Transfers of automation lines, welding lines, with disassembly, reassembly and maintenance of the same.

In addition to the operational construction and application support of the aforementioned, we follow our clients through post-activity assistance, technical support and staff training.